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I think of painting the Brazil scene, how pictures are worth a hundred words for catching memory; yet too how catching memory stops it there, mid-moment, before it bounces off a tree, and ricochets across to the brazilian women on the stoop; stops it mid-flight in its mysterious trajectory before it soars high through a hoop of lamppost.Brazil a region acclaimed by the most demanding travellers. From Florianopolis - in the south of the country until Fortaleza, the brazilian coast offers tens of varied destinies. As much classic, as Rio de Janeiro beaches, like less the most known, like Pipe, Jericoacoara or Dry Mangue , all these beaches of dream assures coconut palms, good sea and surprising landscapes.

                            de janeiro picture photo
Brazil beach · Rio de Janeiro picture photo

brazil beach girls
Brazil beach girl, Ipanema - Butt Rio, hot babe.Photo


brazil beach girls woman
Brazil beach girl hot, woman at Arpoador -ebony Rio. Photo
 brazil beach women rio
Brazil beach women ,tiny thongs  Ipanema girls - topless Rio.Pics
brazil beaches
Beaches of Brazil. Photo: Copacabana beach.

The Brazilian good life
Good part of life in Rio de Janeiro goes around the beach. You know, the brazilian beaches are incredible with warm waters and white sand. It is more than an ideal place to swim or take the solar ray in summer. Some people find it a great scenario for a meeting in the huts along the beach, drinking agua de coco or guarana. For some others, especially males, it is the best spot to understand why Brazilian girls are said to be the most beautiful of the world. Others think Rio beaches are the best place to do some healthy exercise.
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Brazil beach
Brazil Beach picture. Salvador Bahia.
Brazil beach picture
Brazil Beach picture.Arpoador beach rio. Bikini tanga
 Brazil carnival girl nude at
Brazil Carnival picture topless. Carnival nude girls Rio.
Brazil samba carnival picture. Samba School Queens


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Photos: Rio de Janeiro beach girl
Sea,Samba and cute females in the Rio beaches.Rio is an hot sex destination for the man. You can find round booties and beautiful exotic women. The women racial diversity is common in Brazil, mulatto girls, blondes, black girls can be find in every city and every brazilian beach. Brazilians have a perfect body. See the hottest playmates on the beach.


The Brazilian carnival or Carnaval
In portughese the carnival is called Carnaval, but some americans pronounced carnevale or at last, Karneval. It is similar with  the famous Mardi Gras event in USA, but better..s are the best place to do some healthy exercise. The myth of sex in carnival is not valid for street carnival, but you can get XXX hardcore action witn brazilian babes escorts. The Brazil carnival 2016 will be held on February 2016.
The myth of Brazilian carnival nude women at Samba Parade, it´s true, but it is not as usual, this year only appeared 1 brazilian naked girl at Sambadrome.
News: The famous Samba School Estaçao Primeira de Mangueira is consecrated champion of the Brazilian Carnival 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, celebrated in the Sambodromo Marques de Sapucai. 
Brazil carnival 2017: February again.

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